Fire It Up: Intro to Handmade Pottery

Monday, February 20, 2023 - 6:00pm to 9:30pm

Do you want an excuse to get your hands dirty? Well here is your chance! 

This 3-hour ceramics hand-building class will provide participants with the materials and guidance to craft and glaze their own unique piece, all in one night. Students are encouraged to come to the class with an idea of what they want to make. The work can be functional, sculptural, or a mix of both! The possibilities are endless.

Tips, tricks, and techniques will be shown throughout the class to help you bring your idea to life.

No experience necesary. All materials will be provided. Pieces will be fired after class and available to pick up at MakeHaven after 48 hours.

Ticket Prices:

General Public: $106
Partnerships: $95
MakeHaven members: $90
Real name: 
Nicole Ginzburg


Instructor Bio: 

Nicole is a potter and designer based in New Haven, Connecticut. She graduated from Pratt Institute where she received a Bachelor’s in Industrial Design with a minor in Ceramics. Her addiction to clay has led her to find a resident potter position in Guilford, CT where she has been monitoring and teaching practices for ceramics students. She loves all aspects of the pottery making process and is always eager to share her obsession with others.


1st Floor Room

This educational room has seating and tables suitable for instruction away from the noise of the main workshop. It is located on the first floor of 770 Chapel Street. Guests should ring the MakeHaven doorbell, then proceed down the long hallway. When you get the main MakeHaven staircase by the double elevators, rather than go downstairs, proceed through the double glass doors, take a right down the hallway and you will see a room with a big robot sticker on the door.