Ceramic Ornament

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Make a hanging ornament out of clay.


You will need a small ball of clay

A stamp made of wood, clay, or rubber. (I used a rubber stamp I bought from the craft store)

Clay tools to cut the shape of your ornament

Metal or rubber rib to smooth clay


Using the palm of your hand, press into the clay to flatten it. 


Use the rib to smooth out the surface of your clay disk.  Don't worry about the edges, you will trim those later.


Center your stamp on top of your clay and press down firmly.  Then gently peel the stamp off of the clay. 

Cut your ornament into whatever shape you desire. I used a tool to curve the edges of mine to mimic the interior design.

Use your fingers or a damp paint brush to smooth the edge of your ornament.  Cut a hole where you will hang your ornament from.   Dry slowly under plastic cover.  

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