Mig Welding with Joel

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 - 12:30pm to 2:30pm

MIG welding for the win!  

Want to spice up a cold Wednesday afternoon?  There's nothing quite like hand directed molten metal to perk you up.  Come learn the basics of MIG welding and practice with an expert.  
Course requirements: Students must complete the training video and quiz before taking the course.  This will allow more time for practical exercises and more time spent joining metal.  Students will earn a badge upon successful completion of this course.
Real name: 
Joel Greenwood


Instructor Bio: 

Joel Greenwood served the Harvard neurotechnology community for many years and played a fundamental role in shaping the facility during its early growth. Operating a neurotechnology device fabrication center for Yale University Medical School. Joel was also involved with Artisan's Asylum (Boston Makerspace) and has been a participant in developing large scale works of art. Joel now serves on the board of directors of MakeHaven.


MakeHaven Main Space

The main makerspace and connected shops. This is located at 770 Chapel Street. Registered participants should ring the MakeHaven labeled doorbell. They will be directed down a long hallway, and down a set of stairs to our basement workshop.