Community Animators, Ready to Rock and Roll

I am excited to announce that we have five enthusiastic volunteers to animate our community. 
What does it mean to be a Community Animator? It means they have each committed to being at MakeHaven 3 hours per week over the next 6 months to help people learn and inspire members to make the most of our space. Each has a focus area and will be a resource for actives in that focus. Let me make the introductions:

From left to right in the photo is: 

Allison - The Crafts Animator - Appreciates how much others have shown her to use tools at MakeHaven and wants to pass the learning on to others. She has excitement about leading work in crafting  like knitting, baking, and sewing but also wants to coordinate shared interest/learning groups in other topics.

Christine - The Electronics Animator - As previously taught electronics and coached a robotics team.  She really enjoyed helping a group of strangers coalesced as a team during those projects. She is most excited about the opportunity to bring people together -- to encourage the exchange of ideas and energize a community.

Kyle - The Woodshop Animator - Kyle believes that fine carpentry is a team sport. He sees that people have ideas but get stuck, as animator he is ready to give that little technical help to bring it all together. He apprenticed and worked at a woodshop for 2 years that specialized in fine furniture and cabinetry. He has also been leading our popular cutting board making classes.

Stephen - The Fabrication Animator - Stephen wants to experiment and learn the variety of fabrication tools and techniques at MakeHaven. Its a big category (3d printing, laser cutting, vacuum forming, mold making) so the Community Animator program helps him set aside time to expand his skills and help others in these categories. He is ready to do his part to help others complete the Maker Year Challenge projects.

James - The Brewing / Bike Repair Animator -  James has been a long time brewer and bike mechanic. He has taught all sorts of skills from outdoor living skills to answering 911 calls for American Medical Response. He loves it when the learning "clicks in" with someone. He is excited about teaching how to get started with brewing. 
I hope you are all as excited as I am about the talent and energy these animators bring to MakeHaven and our membership. 
Schedules might change a bit and can be confirmed on the Make Haven Calendar but right now the plan is:
Monday -  Kyle - Woodshop  6pm - 9pm
Tuesday is Open House 7pm - 9pm
Wednesday - Fabrication - Stephen -  6pm- 9pm
Wednesday (Concurrent with Stephen) - Brewing / Bike - James - 6pm - 9pm
Thursday - Alison -  Crafts  6pm - 9pm
Sunday - Christine - Electronics  2- 5pm
I encourage all the members to drop in on the nights which have a focus of interest and give a warm welcome to our new community animators.