Popcorn Popper

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Create satisfying salty snacks with the movie theater style popcorm maker.

Requirements for Use
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This badge allows you to operate the popcorn machine.

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Instructions for Use: 

Important safety features

  • Never leave the machine unattended. Smoke and burning can happen quickly!

  • Do not touch the popping kettle with your hands as it heats, while operating, or before it has completely cooled.

  • In case of burning, immediately turn all switches to off. Turn on the floor fan, point it away from the kitchen into the back hallway to pull any smoke away from the kitchen.


Step by step operation

  1. Flip both the kettle motor and kettle warner buttons to on. Light is optional.

  2. Wait in the kitchen for 3-4 minutes for the kettle to heat.

  3. Fill the glass to the red line with Butter Burst popcorn oil. Add theoil and 1 generous sprinkle (dependant upon taste) of falvoring (Flavacol/Glaze Pop, etc.) to the popping kettle.

  4. Scoop kernels to the fill line, then add to the popping kettle.

  5. Close the cabinet door during popping.

  6. Wait as the popping begins. You should begin hearing popping within 3-4 minutes.

  7. Popcorn will come out the top of the kettle as it pops.

  8. Let popcorn pop until there is a pause of 2-3 seconds between pops. At this point, switch the kettle motor and heater to OFF.

  9. Using an oven mitt, tilt the kettle using the top bar to remove any remaining popcorn or kernels.

  10. Scoop popcorn into bowls. OPTIONAL: turn the warmer on to keep popcorn in the unit hot.

  11. When finished, be sure all switches (light, warmer, motor, heat) are switched to OFF.

  12. Clear out all remaining popcorn from machine.

  13. Wipe out the bottom of the machine and sides with a damp paper towel, try wtih a dish towel.

  14. You can bag leftover popcorn with a clear trash bag in the machine.

  15. Wash and put away used bowls. Store oil, Flavacol, and kernels in their areas.