HERMs Brewing System

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Requirements for Use
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Need to get instruction from Rich or Kam. The online video serves as a refreasher for those who have been trained.

The brewtoller software has a manual which tells you how to operate the machine.

More Herms videos.

Rough Notes on Operation

Power Off

  • - key counter clockwise
  • - breaker off
  • - unplug electric cord

Power On

  • - check breaker off
  • - check key counter clockwise
  • - plug in
  • - breaker on
  • - key on
- Fill HLT
- Sparge in
- Mash heat w/ return tube into boil kettle
- Hose down all materials in boil kettle
- Drain on
- Hose and scrub MLT
- Fill MLT
- Re-assemble MLT
- flush HLT and clean
- start any beer program
- setup recipe and download
- clean MLT
- start brew program
- clean HLT
- clean boil
- reassemble MLT
- add grain
- clean cooling kettle
Load Program
- Beer smith, right click recipe export to XML
- browser live.brewtroller.com, settings -> http IP address of device
- find program slot, import from XML
- manually increase HLT target to +10 degrees over MLT target
- check other values
- doug in value if lots of high roast malts (aka want low temp rest)
- Close both valves
- Turn on sparg out and sparg out
- Crack boil kettle valve
Drain - boil kettle drains and pumped
A Beer Smith File for HERMS is at: MakeHaven.org/sites/default/files/imce/herms/HERMS.bsmx
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