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Bench Grinder

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Requirements for Use
Required Badges: 

Bench Grinder

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Special Requirements: 

Eye Protection

Eye protection at or surpassing the ANSI Z87.1-2015 standard for specific tools, as well as at all times when in wood or machine shop.

Secure Loose Items

Including sleeves, headphones, hoodie strings,  long hair.

Closed-Toe Shoes

Closed toed shoes are required.

Instructions for Use: 
  • The purpose of the bench grinder is to grind metal. It can be used to remove burrs, round corners, or reshape pieces
  • The buffing wheel on the bench grinder is for buffing objects
  • Ensure that sleeves are well rolled, any hair/jewelry is secured, and eye protection is on
  • If you cannot firmly hold the object while keeping fingers clear of the wheel, use vise-grips to hold the object
  • Vacuum any sawdsut around the area prior to use, and the wheel can produce sparks
  • Do not force the object into the wheel, and reduce pressure if the wheel starts to slow
  • The workpiece may be held level on the toolrest, or at a downwards angle if applied above the tool rest
  • Angling the workpiece up can result in jamming back into the operator
  • Angling down on the toolrest can result in pinching in between the tool rest and the wheel
  • Maintain awareness of the presence of the other spinning wire wheel, so that you don't accidentally touch it
  • To prep the buffing wheel, gently push the abrasive compound stick into the wheel while it's spinning, then buff your workpiece. Different grits of abrasive can be purchased for achieving different finishes on different materials
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