MakeHaven Sign

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I think we should make one or two signs out of acrylic for MakeHaven. For inside the space, I envision something like this on our brick wall:


It's laser cut acrylic on brushed aluminum standoffs. With access to a lasercutter, we could cut the acrylic pretty easily. Then it would be a fairly trivial assembly project. The only real difficulty is that much acrylic could be rather pricety. 

For outside (if it's legal to DIY), I was thinking something in this vein mounted above the door:

If we wanted to move ahead, we'd need to pick a size, pick some colors, and decide YES or NO on LED lighting. Then I could teach some basic CAD stuff on Autodesk Inventor and we could design the housing in Inventor before cutting the pieces on a laser. I'd estimate this will be a month-long project with our current meeting schedules. It could be expedited with people working on their own and with Rob's laser installed and operational (another project? Perhaps before this one?).