Video Camera Borrowing Form


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With a deposit on file (establish deposit) the camera may be taken out of MakeHaven for up to 24 hours by a MakeHaven member.

This deposit will be retained by MakeHaven if the camera is lost, stolen or damaged. In the case that damage is reparable, only the cost of that repair will be charged to the deposit. 


The camera is avalible Monday through Thursday by compelting this form 24 hours before borrowing. The process is:

1. Establish deposit

2. Complete this form

3. Staff will Aprove and unlock camera within 24 hours.

4. Pick up camera and use it for up to 24 hours (supply own SD card)

5. Return camera by locking it (key left in lock). Then drop key in "MakeHaven store" dropbox.

6. Send email to, infroming that camera has been returned. Staff will inspect and return deposit.