New easier to use Brewing System

Our current brewing system is.... quirky. Liam and I are able to get good beer out of it but it's hard to clean, and hard to learn. A new all in one brewing system is relatively inexpensive and should be able to make batches quicker and with less to learn.
I think that a basic Anvil Foundry 18 all in one brewing system would be a good match for our space; we can do 5 or 10 gallon batches in it without changing anything, and the whirlpool and recirculation of mash parts of the brew day should work better. One of the best things about this system is that cleaning it out should be much easier since it will fit in the sink

The Anvil Foundry 18 brewing system

Then, ideally, we'd also have a conical fermenter to put the beer into so that we could more easily do things like dumping trub and yeast, and racking off clear beer; and with a brewing system like this we could put the conical fermenter next to the brewing system, and then add a glycol chiller system to keep the fermenter cold like the current chest freezer does. This glycol system could do a lot more for us too; including making a permanent seltzer system so we can have fizzy water on tap and never need cans of La Croix again.

For the Conical Fermenter: Having a clean fermenter is absolutely crucial to not have weird unpleasant surprises when making beer, to have easily cleanable hardware is crucial. To easily take apart all joints Tri-Clamp fittings are the brewing industry standard and we would prefer a fermenter with 100% Tri-Clamp fittings and an easy to setup cooling system. The Spike Conical 15 Gal is a great option for this
We would also need to add their Cooling coil and a couple other fittings to the listed price.

For the glycol system and Furniture to enable badge access to the taps and other improvements we could work on building that using the tools here and it would only require a couple sheets of nice plywood and an AC compressor system that I can find for cheap and convert. Overall the furniture and Glycol cooler would add another $400ish dollars.

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New Equipment for Space