The Art of Millinery

               Ok, I am in love with sinamay. felt, feathers, leather, biais binding, petersham ribbon and many other ingredients that make the wonderful world of millinery. While I am stumbling in finding wood blocks - I need them in order to mold the hats -  through the years I have learned to be more patient and I truly enjoy the power of thinking outside the square. Still looking for those expensive commodities has been somewhat turned around last night, by my Australian Master Milliner Instructor Miss Elaine from The Hat Academy, bringing much hope. She is so clever.

              Elaine is able to change head size in a zing, while not having to purchase the extra mold each time one of her many customers place an order. I too, have been able to adapt in order to create boat hat brim, using a 1950 Hollywood movie reel found at the local English Market and tray flipped upside down to create marvellous brims, but head sizes!! That is brillant. I still need to invest in a Bowler brim mold and a Pork Pie one, because there is a demand for those speciality hats. I understand that all of this linguo might seem like gibberish to you and I could end there by saying:

"To each its own!". Door closed.

           But the Essence of Art is for sharing, to make any community better, not necessary because one can relate to the art form, but because the Artist is inbued with passion. Passion is the Art of living. 

          The hat on the picture with the swirl on, black on black wool felt, was made at Makehaven on my first regular wood block, but what is unusual is that it was steamed by the expresso machine we have on board! The picture was taken during a CT Fashion Week premiere at The Grove, by John Wiley, Tinaliah photographer and a Tinaliah Co-op member.

          At the time, I did not have a steamer and looking around - as Eben religiously makes his expresso in the afternoon - I spotted the steamer and I figure why not! Makehaven is where dreams come thru, because the people that create the backdrop are vibrant and full of passion. They want to experiment and try new and adventurous things. I am truly enjoying being part of the adventure and want to take the occasion to thank "Le Canadian" like I familiarly call him, and other founders for the impulse and the passion that bursted in them to pursue their passion, for the rest of us.