Bowl Carving

So today I departed from my neoprimitivism to see just how quickly I could bang out a bowl. I produced the a similarly goofy looking bowl as I did last time (this one has a sort of scandinavian boat motif) but this time I did it in 5 hours. Word of caution....the circular chainsaw grinder attachment I use for the fast rough-out behaves similarly to a chainsaw in that its very agressive and can pull one into a cut. This is not to be used in a careless way and should only be used with safety gear (face protection, hand protection and thick clothing.)

I took a chunk of pine that mother nature dropped to the ground for me recently, bandsawed a flat bottom and rough plan and elevational profiles. Then I used my grinder with chainsaw attachment to do the remaining of the rough out exterior and interior. After that I went back to using an adze to remove interior material because the grinder could only get so deep into this rather skinny bowl (@6" wide). Then I used a draw knife to smooth the exterior and a my favorite bent gouge (thats a concave chisel) to smooth the interior. Retrning to the theme of speed, I then used a palm sander to smooth the outside and then hand sanded the inside, finishing with 50/50 tung oil and paint thinner.