Creating a Bonderman fellowship but for makers to work out of MakeHaven

Ever heard of the Bonderman fellowship?  It's a fellowship that gives 20,000 dollars to a recent graduate with the idea that they go out and explore the world. More details here: I wish I had done something like this after graduation.

This got me thinking about makers today. what if there was a fellowship for recent engineers to go out and just build? We have a space, what would it cost for someone to get a chance to living to make and build from a support perspective? The math looks like around 70$ a day for room and board but im also leaving out heathcare and materials for making as well.

Perhaps when the 501c3 paperwork is done we can look at building out a grant giving process.

In the meantime, if you know of anyone that would be a good candidate for this, send me their details.