Cure For A Fever....More Wood Carving

Being snowed in is a perfect excuse to do more bowl carving. After  smoothing the exterior with a draw knife I decided to take a whack (pun intended) at the bowl interior. This is about 15 minutes of hewing with an adze.  Bowl carving is done  with super green (freshly cut) wood and the block is stored in a sealed plastic bag to avoid too much water loss prior to the finished shape. I try to work symmetrically so that between sessions the bowl will perspire evenly and hopefully avoid warpage. The work is usually done on a tree stump to avoid tool damage. I'm using milk crates and concrete blocks to put the work at an ergonomically acceptable height and using an old board as a top to protect my adze. The pictured cloth is to quiet down  the chopping so that my wife doesn't go crazy and attack me with a chefs knife (she wouldn't do that but the banging can be annoying.)