Dreamjob. How Do I Apply to be an Elf in Santas Workshop?

So Gina and I were having coffee this morning and chatting with our friend Katy, when I noticed her 18 month old Paul grabbing hold of a parked bike's chain. Even though I thought this was funny (becuase for no good reason I would have done the same thing ....from his age up until about a couple of years ago) I didn't laugh but warned Katy who noted that he just had a bath (bonus dirt points) and that he really wants to ride a bike and that maybe she should get him a tricycle. Well I sympathized with Paul because, at 18 mos he's heght challenged and there was probably no way that Katy was going to find a tricycle allowing his feet to hit the ground. So when I went home i decide to do a speed exercise in my shop and see what I could come up with using just the misc offcuts and other stuff lying around in my basement. I think Marcus' Limerock pictures may have subliminally driven me. This what i came up with 90 minutes later. Why? Maker-Instinct maybe; or maybe the ode of dudes... when a brother needs wheels, brother gets wheels.