MakeHaven Becomes First Fab Lab In Connecticut

MakeHaven has been recognized as the first FabLab in Connecticut. This designation will help to propel MakeHaven as a technical prototyping platform for innovation, invention and entrepreneurship. Being recognized as a FabLab means connecting to a global community of fabricators, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, students, amateurs, professionals, of all ages located in more than 78 countries. This community is simultaneously a distributed technical education network, and a distributed research laboratory working to digitize fabrication, inventing the next generation of manufacturing and personal fabrication.


In the last year Makehaven, with the help of a partnership with Connecticut Innovations / CTNext, has grown rapidly to more than 100 members, frequent events and tremendously expanded fabrication capabilities. To become a recognized as a FabLab, MakeHaven had to develop the capabilities of fabricating almost anything. The minimum requirement being: a laser cutter, a computer numeric control milling machine, 3d Printer, vinyl cutter, micro electronics equipment.


Newly elected board president, Ben Berkowitz says, “It has been exciting to see the community grow and develop. We now have a critical mass of inventors and makers needed to make a real impact on the economy and culture in New Haven. New Haven is a place where people have always created things. MakeHaven’s recognition as a FabLab is evidence Connecticut is  preparing for the new creative economy”


Fab Labs were born out of MIT’s Center for Bits & Atoms and are associated with the Fab Lab Academy which is well known for running a distributed course at Fab Labs based on MIT’s popular How to Make (Almost) Anything. Fab Labs share the goal of democratizing access to the tools for technical invention, as such are committed to engaging the public in learning about technology.  Volunteers and staff at MakeHaven are working to empower more people to build their dreams.


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