MakeHaven Vaccination Requirement

This policy has been updated. 

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As you know, MakeHaven is more than just a space with tools and equipment; we are a community, and we value this community enormously and personally. Motivated by the safety of all of our members, we have decided to implement a vaccination mandate at MakeHaven. Starting September 1st, everyone entering MakeHaven will be required to have been vaccinated. Unvaccinated members and guests may not enter. We will also continue to wear masks.

The delta variant has accelerated the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are susceptible, although unvaccinated people are much more likely to catch it, get very sick and spread the virus to others. We care deeply about the health and safety of our members, and we give considerable thought to safety issues. While getting vaccinated is everyone’s personal choice, being unvaccinated puts the rest of the community in danger.

The State has set up a color coded system to indicate the severity of risk: Yellow (lowest), Orange, and Red (highest risk). New Haven has recently crossed the red level threshold in the number of cases and the trend is increasing (see state data). This policy will continue to be in place while New Haven is in the Red or Orange warning levels. Once the infection numbers have gone down to the yellow level we will remove the requirement for vaccination.

Policy Updates, Effective Noon, Nov 25th 2021

Additional Vaccination Requirement Trigger
The State data we have been using for New Haven trails by a week and does not catch rapid changes. For this reason I will also monitor the date on Covid act now which updates every couple days. If that goes red (higher threshold of 25/100,000 for county) it will also trigger the vaccination requirement.

Official Vaccination Mandate for Staff, Facilitators and Instructors
All staff, instructors and facilitators must be vaccinated (already were, but it is official).

Vaccination requirement or in person workshop / events.
While state data is red or orange for city of New Haven, vaccination is required to register/participate in public group indoor events/workshops.

If you have any questions about the vaccines, or would like assistance in understanding where you can get it, we are more than happy to talk with you. Near to MakeHaven is a clinic every day on the Green from 10-4, at CVS, and at Rite Aid. If you are unvaccinated and wish to pause your membership during this policy, email (or any individual member of the staff if you are more comfortable) and we will set that up for you.

It pains us that that will temporarily prohibit the participation of some members who wish to design, invent, and create things. I want to emphasize that this is done because the staff and board of directors agreed it necessary to protect the safety of the MakeHaven community. We are fortunate to thus far have zero transmissions of COVID-19 in the space, but with the Delta and other variants increasing, the science suggests that vaccination is the best way to protect our community.

We will continue to allow children under 12 who have had no opportunity to be vaccinated to enter under the supervision of a vaccinated parent. In order to enter the space those who were vaccinated will document that using this form (if they have not done previously). This only needs to be done once. If you have concerns or questions about this policy we are available and happy to talk with you about it. You can schedule a time to talk here: virtual meeting with J,R. • virtual meeting with Kate • virtual meeting with Lior

Thanks for your understanding, and stay well.