My quest for CNC training

Ever since joining makehaven I've become obsesseed with additive manufacturing and 5 axis CNC. While using the RepRap and using all of the software associated with it has been a blast, the chance to get access to a 5 axis machine is really limited. So I began my quest for CNC.

Being from Stratford aka Helicopter City USA,  I figured that there would be abundant training in the area. FAR FROM IT! In fact, CNC is in such demand, that there are over 100+ jobs in the immediate area posted on's site.  So I've decided to take the following 2 paths to get my training:

1. Traditional schooling -- There are courses in the fall semester at Gateway and Housatonic community on basic CNC. I'll register and try and wait to gain access. This was seems traditional but being that it is May, I doubt I will have the patience to wait.

2. Contacting local firms -- With the need for local talent, I am going to try and setup a 5 axis training period. Worst case, local firms will end up training some people on their machines. Best case, they will get the chance to try out and experience time with several potential new employees. Yeah, I have no plan on being a full time CNC operator, yet, but I do know that I can rally and get people motivated.

If you're interested in getting some trigger time on a 5 axis or 3 axis machine let me know.