Nour Al Ghadban AIESEC in Yale Intern in Make Haven from Kuwait

In the middle of the middle east between two bordering countries which are Iraq and Saudi
Arabia in front of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait is located. Its named from the word Kut in Arabic
which means fort . It's a small country its slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey in terms
of land area as in with the population its estimated at 4.5 million total.


People before mostly lived near the sea because the country incomes comes from fishing,
building boats, searching for pearls, and trading. Until the petroleum was founded in the lands it stated the shift  into being a developed to be a modern country.


I was born in Kuwait and lived there my whole life. I studied industrial engineering in the
American university of the middle east. As I always had passion to art I kept teaching my self
through books and practicing.
After graduating I was interested in leaving an impact to this world, so I found AIESEC in
Kuwait it s a global organization that empower youth to participate to make the world a better
place for everyone through volunteering through culture exchange and working on the 17
SDG’s ( sustainable development goals). From a team member in AIESEC to management
committee member I met a lot of people from different countries, participated in regional
conferences and learned how to create change to this world, even if it's small.

During that time I had opportunities to be an intern in different sectors such Kuwait oil
company as technical assistant, NGO office in Bursa Turkey were I did international PR, and
Engineering For Kid where I taught kids from the age of 3 to 5  how to be future engineers. Finally, I worked one year in ARTSPACE in Kuwait as studio assistant manager where I gave workshops, one on ones art classes, and organize the studio needs.


Today AIESEC in Yale gave me an amazing opportunity to volunteer in Make Haven were I will working on SDG 4 which is ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunity for all and make haven mission is community makerspace that educates and empowers people by facilitating independent interest-driven projects, hands-on experiences and access to technology. As in this collaboration we will have different planed projects to organize such as events and workshops to reflect my culture and passion.