Soldering Workshop

Make Haven member Frank Pelliccio brought in his soldering equipment to and allowed members to try it out. We practiced by removing components from circut boards and learned about his experiences printing circuit boards and programing micro-controlers. The teaching was very useful. I had tried removing soldering before but this was the first time I had someone with so much experience there to give tips. 


The members also spent quite a bit of time talking about what we want the space to be and feel like. There is keen interest in working on projects that fuze craft work with other types of making. There was even talk of how we make connections with other efforts in the DIY community (like gardening and beekeeping). One area of conversation was how we want to interact with non members that come to the space. Do we want to have frequent workshops and do we organize these as a group or empower individuals? We all agreed that we want to use the space and our talents to educate and inspire others.

One idea that I very much liked was to have some type of traveling wine and cheese event where participants go to the creative spaces in the ninth square (Makehaven, Grove, Artspace, Firehouse 12, Cafe 9)



We wrapped up by deciding that we would start the first stage of building the 3d printer this weekend. Looking forward to seeing how that goes.