Workaday Hack - Office Re-Entry Issues

So during the Work-At-Home period, my architectural design team got into a rhythm of MSTeams meeting and communicated pretty well. However, we encountered a technical challenge after re-entry to our office. (like other workspaces, we 're slowly filtering in with masks, strict hygeine rules, distancing, and a cap of 50% occupancy). We're still relying upon MSTeams because of travel restrictions and because some teammates are still at home. However, with those in the office sitting 12' away from each other, those speaking are hearing an echo of their own voice through other peoples mics (a tiny but discernible enough delay as to cause a big disturbance when speaking.) Our solution is for everyone to use corded iphone headphones/mics (through one's phone if their computer doesn't recognize the mic) and to dampen the mic with two pieces of scotch tape. Not perfect and definitely not pretty but a simple and elegant solution. Didn't work on one indy brand of bluetooth headphones but the only way to know is to try. Hail to Empiricism.
Postscript...we've found that the scrachy sound of an iphone mic rubbing against your collar is amplified 1000x by the scotch tape. So we either hold it with one hand during an entire meeting (something that puts a damper upon the neccesity of two handed typing during a meeting) or we put baby alligators on our shoulder to hold the microphone away from our collar. What could possibly go wrong?...hail to empiricism?