Experimental Musical Instrument Workshop Part I

The Experimental Musical Instrument Workshop is a series (2-3) of workshops designed to:

  1. familiarize the attendee with the basics of sound (acoustics) 
  2. teach basic workshop techniques like soldering
  3. assist the attendee in making contact microphones
  4. assist the attendee in making instruments (acoustic)
  5. (optional if there's interest) assist the attendee in making electronic instruments (circuit bending)

In Part 1 of this workshop, MakeHaven members Scott Petersen and Mike McKien, as well as Yale Music professor and all-around great guy Brian Kane will:

  • discuss the basic plan for the series and handout materials
  • teach the working basics of electronics (soldering)
  • assist you in creating a contact microphone to use with your instrument (to be built in Part 2)
  • help you plan your instrument project (to be built in Part 2)

There is a $5 fee to cover materials (piezos, cables, plasti-dip, springs, cans, wood, etc.) and sending in an RSVP is highly recommended.  If you don't RSVP you can still come, but we can't promise you materials.  To RSVP please send an email to scacinto'at'gmail.com indicating your interest and the no. of people attending.  If you have questions regarding this event, please feel free to shoot an email to the same address.