FCC Amateur Radio Licensing Exam

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm

This is the examination you must pass to receive an Amateur Radio License from the Federal Communications Commission. 

Applicants should be familiar with the material in the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. You may order your manual through arrl.org or you may pick up a copy of the manual at MakeHaven on Tuesday nights between 5pm and 8pm for $30.00 cash. See Brenda at the radio bench. 

You may also request an exam preparation session at MakeHaven prior to the exam. MakeHaven membership is not required for the exam or the preparation session, but you must register in advance for the exam. No walk-ins.

Contact Brenda at cordiceps9@yahoo.com if you wish to schedule a preparation session or have questions.

MakeHaven Members may schedule  preparation sessions with Brenda KW1YL on the Facilitator Hours Schedule.

$15.00 cash to be paid at exam (required amount for reimbursement for testing materials)


Study Resources

Real name: 
Brenda Brown


Instructor Bio: 

 FCC Licensed Radio Operator Extra Class,  ARRL and W5YI Volunteer Examiner, Retired Social Security Adjudicator and Mentor, Certified Teacher

Real name: 
Richard Pizzoferrato


Instructor Bio: 

Retired Computer Engineer. Electronics, Digital Logic, Computer Teacher, FCC Licenced Radio Operator, Examiner, Former Winner of 1962 New England Regional Science Fair... Transistorized Digital Computer


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