Panel Discussion - From Prototype to Product

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

This moderated panel discussion will invite three inventors who have launched products to reflect on what they learned in the process. Each took a different path in developing and launching their product, and each has different insights that may be relevant to moving your idea from prototype to product. Panelists are asked to explain:

  • What inspired them to create a product.
  • How they developed a prototype
  • How they found support to make it a product
  • What production methods and revenue model they choose.
  • What advice they would have given themselves at the start if they could do it now. 


On the pannel will be:

Erick Rios
Erick is Director of Techology and Engineering at Big Bang IP. He brings his interest in computer science and experience in product engineering to every project. Through his experience at Ford Motor Company, IDEO Product Development, and the MIT Center for Innovation in Product Development, he has been involved in the design, engineering, and management of a wide range of products and challenges ranging from an LED-based illumination system for a medical device to the fuel-charging system on an automobile engine.

Darryl Minchenko
Invented multiple lawn games and earned income from licenseing the games to a manufactuer. His first idea attracted an prospecive investor who wanted to see a prototype. Darryl built the prototype which lead to a deal for financing a vist to China where he arranged manufacturing.

Ellen Su
Ellen is a product designer and healthcare entrepreneur focusing on connecting devices and software. She is currently the Chief Product Officer at Convexity Scientific, and focuses improving quality of life for patients with respiratory illness. Her previous startup was acquired by Convexity and she lead the company as CEO through fundraising, manufacturing, and acquisition. 


The Q & A session will be moderated by JR Logan, MakeHaven Executive Director



  • Introduction 5 minutes
  • Erick Rios's Story 10 minutes
  • Darryl Minchenko Story 10 minutes
  • Ellen Su's Story 10 minutes
  • Q and A with audience




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