Soy Candle Making Class

Friday, September 16, 2016 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Lead by Kanita Mote of VOVO Organics

This course will be a basic soy candle making class, perfect for beginners and intermediate candlemakers. We will go over the basics of candle making and make our very own 8 oz. soy candles!

Candle making is an ancient art, and soy candles are the perfect intersection between traditional arts and modern sustainability efforts. Soy candles burn cleanly. Soy candles, unlike traditional paraffin candles, do not release harmful toxins and carcinogens into the air. Soy melts at a cooler temperature than wax, ensuring that the candle will burn for much longer than a regular candle.

At the end of the class, each student will return home with two beautiful 4 oz, mason jar candles.

VOVO Organics is a locally owned shop with locations in Hamden and in New Haven

Soy Candle Making Class