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Installed Software

Area(s) of Use Software Title Description
Laser, CNC, Arts Inkscape Vector Design software.
Electronics Eagle Circit Design
3d Printing Meshmixer Tools for optimizing model for 3d printing
3d Printing Meshlab The photoshop of 3d mesh files (learning curve)
3d Printing Cura Same slicer as Octopi but more options
Mechanical Design, CNC, 3d Printing Fusion 360 Can create tool paths for CNC based on parametric geometry.
3d Printing, CNC, Mechanical Design Solid Works  
Raster manipulation for laser, Graphic Design Gimp  
Microscroller Programing Arduino Connect to and program arduinos
3d printing, video, VR Blender Photo realistic rendering and animation
3d printing Open Scad  
VR Development Unreal engine  
VR Development Unity Game Engine  
3d design, 3d printing TinkerCad (Browser)  
3d design, 3d printing, mechanical design Onshape (Browser)  
CNC Tool Path Creation Easel (Browser) Simple 2.5D tool paths
Video Editing Davinci Resolve video editing
Audio editing Audacity  


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