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The 40” Wide Ductless Spray Booth provides a negative-pressure hooded enclosure for fume control. These systems utilize powerful fans and a variety of high-quality filtration media to provide effective source-capture of airborne contaminants. HEPA filtration, and Activated Carbon media help to protect the operator’s respiratory zone while also preventing unwanted particulate and odors from the entering the general work area.



INFO on Model: https://www.sentryair.com/portable-spray-booth.htm

Requirements for Use
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Fume Hood

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Instructions for Use: 

Instructions and Rules for Use

1- Approved products only (see approved list)

2- Push the '60 Minute' button in the lower left to start the fans

3- Leave fan on low while drying

4- Name and date projects

5- 24 hours max use

6 - Must have clear sheild door closed while spraying (see example image). If object cant fit with door closed, must take spraying outside.

7 - If you smell fumes you may be using it wrong or the filter may need preplacment. Stop use and inform staff.

8 - Avoid excessive use that could cause ignition. Do not use while spark producing activities (welding) are occuring.


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Hazard Class 1 - Minor injuries, addressable with basic first aid kit or ice.

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