MakeHaven Prototype Workspace Award

MakeHaven works to incubate and accelerate makers working on startups and small businesses, particularly in the product development phase. To help make the process easier MakeHaven has workspaces and desks available as a private workspace right in the makerspace. These spaces are available at $200 - $500 per month, but we understand this is a big investment in the beginning and startups benefit from being able to test out what works for them. To this end MakeHaven is making an "Startup Workspace Grant".  This competitive award comes with the benefit of a slow ramp up of the expense of using a MakeHaven workspace. 
Example award based on standard $300 workspace.
  • Month 1   --- No Cost
  • Month 2   --- No Cost
  • Month 3   --- $100 (1/3 cost)
  • Month 4   --- $100 (1/3 cost)
  • Month 5   --- $200 (2/3 cost)
  • Month 6   --- $200 (2/3 cost)
  • Month 7+ --- $300 (standard cost).
Total = $700 for first 6 months (Less than 40% of standard 6 month cost)
Startups can end participation at any time. Staff may approve larger or smaller spaces than the standard per request.
More can be learned about MakeHaven workspaces at:
How to apply 
To qualify the applicant must have a product of business in development. Award is one time per venture.
1. Create a business profile (if not already created)
2. Complete the applicaiton for a workspace.
2. Answer this question in 100 words or less "How will having access to a private workspace at MakeHaven accelerate the success of your product development?" Email answer to
It is intended to create a step up path for those who do not already have a dedicated workspace at makeHaven. Staff will review and determine if an award is to be granted. Requests are accepted on a rolling basis but awards are limited to availability.