Nominate for MakeHaven Board of Directors

MakeHaven is seeking candidates for the board of directors. Candidates are elected annually for three year terms. The group selects from the pool of candidates to maximize: experience, diversity and networks. We prefer board members who can link us to other organizations and groups that result in collaborations and advancement of MakeHaven's mission. Board members do not need to be MakeHaven members, but we seek member representation on the board.

We aim to compose a board that represents a diversity of:
Age, Gender Identity, Ethnicity, Geography, Affiliations.
We aim to have experience or skills on the board covering:
Accounting, Architecture, Law, Marketing, Technology, Public Relations, Risk, Management,Fundraising, Organizational Management, Board Governance.
The board meets quarterly. Each board member also serves on at least one committee that meets quarterly.


This document provides a greater detail on the responsiblities of a MakeHaven board member. Board of Directors are elected annually and serve 3 year terms.