PPE Need

Plastic Face Shields

We have completed our run of face shields and are glad to have passed our design on to Modern Plastics of Shelton, as they can manufacture these much more efficiently. Please contact them to purchase face shields. They can be reached at (203) 333-3128


Sewn Cloth Face Masks

Thanks to an amazing group of sewists, we have completed and delivered over 4,500 sewn masks while the supply chains regrouped. As the state continues to reopen we are winding down our efforts and redirecting our energies to other areas. In June we will be working to fill as many remaining requests as we can.

If you are still in need of masks you can:

  • Register your need at Sew for CT so people can deliver to you directly
  • Purchase masks for a local sewist (this can be a great fundraiser for your supporters, and help keep local workers with income!)

NEW HAVEN ANNEX: Catherine Mason Costume - catherine.mason.costume@gmail.com (small and large orders)

QUINNIPIAC MEADOWS: Sewing Place New Haven - sewingplaceinnewhaven@gmail.com   (475) 441-7473, orders up to 25

WESTVILLE: Charlotte Anderholt, seamstress, charlotte.anderholt@gmail.com, small batch orders

HAMDEN: Regina Bohn, Regina's Originals - (203) 809-9139, small batch orders

DOWNTOWN NEW HAVEN: Liz Saylor Costume  Shop Manager New Haven Aaronjess@aol.com small batch orders

DOWNTOWN NEW HAVEN: Fashionista Vintage & Variety, for every mask purchased they will donate 2 to an org in need!

WESTVILLE: Neville Wisdom - neville.wisdom@gmail.com Orders of 50 or more welcomed.

  • Order from a large supplier such as Old Navy


Other PPE needs

Register your need at Sew for CT so people can deliver to you directly.