3D Printed Folding Puzzle Cube

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1.0 hours
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An easy and fun 3D print that has multiple moving pieces printed together

Find the file

The first step is to find the design on Thingiverse.com. Search for Kobayashi to find designs similar to the one in the picture.

Download the file
Extract the files from the folder

The files come compressed (or zipped). After clicking into the folder in Downloads, click Extract All to unzip them. A new, unzipped file should be made in Downloads.

Turn on printer, if necessary

The printers are usually kept on, but in this case I had to flip the switch in the back.

Go to the Octopi site

Go to the appropriate Octopi site (in this case Octopi4.makehaven), and click Connect on the left if the printer is not connected.

Upload the file

Click Upload on Octopi and find the STL file. When you downloaded the folder from Thingiverse, it may have come with a bunch of files that you don't need, but the STL is normally located in a folder called Files within the part folder.

Choose settings

The only settings I changed were After slicing > Start printing, and Bed Adhesion > Brim under Advanced. Feel free to rotate and scale the model in the Slicer. When it's ready, click Slice It! 


Project Advice: 

There are tons of awesome things on Thingiverse, try searching for Puzzles to see others of this variety!

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