Dreams to Make (Making a Makerspace boardgame)

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I'd like to see if there is interest in trying to design a board game. The goal would be a game along the lines of the modern "German-style" board games. My basic idea is as follows:

1) The goal of the game is to make a successful Maker/Hacker space, probably with the end of game coming at a certain number of members.

2) This would be accomplished by each player managing resources such as money, building materials (wood, metal, electronics) and members. These resources would go toward completing projects, which would have costs, but would increase membership or other funding.

2a) There should be an interconnection between these resources, such that projects cost money and materials, or that they require a certain number of members, and perhaps a way of exchange, such that you could pay more if you don't have enough of a material on hand.

3) Cards or dice would be used to determine the type or amount of a resource gained each term.

4) External events could be triggered by drawn cards, such that having a certain number or type of projects would lead to more funding, more members, etc.

Once a skeleton of the game is figured out then other aspects can be tweaked to provide balance. The 3D printer should be utilized to print game pieces. If a fun game is made, then we can see about kickstarting it for a more professional production, or make the digital files available for other makerspaces to make their own.