Farm Table

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I'm thinking about building a farm table at MakeHaven for our front porch.


This is where I am getting the plans and instructions:


Day 1: 2 hours

- Purchased all of the wood from lowes for $110.00 (Only mispurchased one item. Those pesky 2x8's do a nice job of blending with the 2x10's)

- Kam has the Kreg Jig at MakeHaven. Its awesome. I cut and predrilled all of the wood.  I had some nice company from two other makers working on palette furniture. 

Day 2...

- I've constructed the table top and one set of legs. 3 hours.



Day 3: 2 hours

Purchased Material for benches: $80.00 at lowes for material for both.


Day 4: Cut materials for benches 1 hour

Day 5: Assembled benches: 3 hours