Let's Make a Wet Lab

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I'm making this project as a place for people to add comments and suggestions regarding building in a lab space in the basement. The room in question is the old basement kitchen and the connected room with two sinks.

Currently the plan is to disassemble the stove (and sell it for scrap), paint the floor and walls, sterilize and plug in the fridge, and build in some counters using the black metal braces in the basement. Once these things have been done (hopefully before the next quarterly meeting) I'll put together a full proposal for the rooms in question that the membership can review and add to (or scrap, if anyone has a better idea). One idea that I've been playing with is to utilize part of the stove exhaust fan system to set up two "hoods" - one with a fan that sucks air out of the hood and vents it outside (like a chemical hood, which would be used for solvents/brewing/etc.) and one with a filtered fan to create a positive pressure "clean box."