Mini-golf Hole for ArtSpace

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Brad Conant and I (Karen Bliss) are planning to represent MakeHaven by designing and buiding one hole for a mini-golf course for an art installation at ArtSpace.  ArtSpace is excited for MakeHaven to be involved, and will be giving us some good press in exchange.  We'll be putting the logo on the hole and probably printing some golf balls for the event.  Local artists will make the other holes, and the course will be at ArtSpace through November.

Some details:

--ArtSpace website info:{EB4A98DC-EBCD-4A9F-9839-40B45F5B4C26}

--New Haven Register Article:

--We're planning to have a math theme for our hole (clearly not Brad's idea, but he's been kind enough to go along with it!), specifically including some string surface models.  See the pictures below for some ideas about what inspired us.

--The timeline is tight.  The whole hole has to be together by August 19.

--We'd love help!  If you have ideas, let us know.  If you are around while we're at work, please feel free to offer suggestions/assistance/expertise.