HandGel™ 570 alginate

Accu-cast Handgel (570) Alginate Lifecasting Accu-Cast™ HandGel™ 570 alginate is an easy to use alginate mold material that is ideal for making poured molds used to reproduce fine detail of the hands, feet and other body parts using a large container or bucket. HandGel™ 570 makes an excellent temporary lifecasting mold and has a set time of about 5 minutes when mixed with water that has a temperature of 70°F/21°C. You can cast LiquiStone™ gypsum cement, plaster, duoMatrix™ NEO (polymer modified gypsum) or Smooth-Cast™ 300Q ultra-fast urethane resin into the mold to make a reproduction.
Unit Cost: 
1 pound bag
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