⚠️ Important Notice:

Before attempting any repair involving disassembly, you must:

  1. Have explicit staff consent.
  2. Be highly experienced in the task at hand.

Please do not risk further damage or personal safety. If unsure, consult with staff first.

Setup Parking Discount Barcode Pinter

We already have a barcode printer for member labels. We are given 10 digit codes for parking tickets. Rather than put out few at a time it would be better if they were printed on demand, maybe by card swipe. The other printer is a DYMO lable writer 450 what is being driven by CUPS on a Pi. The code for that printer setup can be accessed upon request to JR. https://github.com/makehaven/cardsystem/tree/master/devices/labelprinter


THe task would be to setup another DYMO printer that prints the 10 digit serial from a list provided by the parking department. Ideally it would capture who took each.

2 - Medium - Important but not critical or time sensitive