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  2. Be highly experienced in the task at hand.

Please do not risk further damage or personal safety. If unsure, consult with staff first.

Water jet not cutting smoothly, clogging, water backing up, garnet getting stuck

Water jet cuts are not smooth. Water is coming out by the top of the garnet at times. Worked with Chris Chalsma and tried:
* Cleaning and drying top black cap and clear tube (repeatedly)
* Removing and cleaning mixing tube
* Adjusting water height/nozzle height/changing materials
* Emptying and cleaning out garnet tube
* Replacing clear garnet tube

In case it is relevant: came in to the water jet fully on, water running this morning. Appears to have ben left on since last night. Image included is a still from video posted to slack. Looks like there is a GEMS class planning to use the tool tomorrow.

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