Waiver on Behalf of Minor

Key MakeHaven Policies Related to Minors:
  • Minors may not be on MakeHaven property without direct adult supervision of Legal Guardian.

  • Minors are not permitted to operate powered tools or machinery.


THIS AGREEMENT made this between MakeHaven, Inc. (770 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT) and the MakeHaven visitor, workshop participant, guest or member (Guest or Guardian).


Guardian agrees to the following:

1. Assumption of Risk.
Guardian and Minor acknowledges risks from the use of tools, equipment, devices, and hazardous materials of any kind commonly used in constructing, fabricating, developing, crafting, inventing, prototyping, metalworking, woodworking, software design and other technology related activities. Minor’s participation in such activities, and/or use of such tools may result in injury, illness, death or damage to Minoror Minors’s personal property. Such injury, illness, death or damage to Minoror or Minor's personal property, may arise from foreseeable or unforeseeable causes and may be caused by Minor, other Minors, Members, or Force Majeure. Guardian and Minor hereby fully acknowledges all such risks and any others which arise because of Minor’s association with MakeHaven, Inc.

2. Release of Liability.
Guardian and Minor releases MakeHaven, Inc., its Officers, Agents, Board, Members, Guests and Assigns from any and all liability arising out of any and all damage, loss or injury to Minor or Minor’s property while participating in any and all activities related to MakeHaven, Inc. and/or using any equipment owned by MakeHaven, Inc. or another Minor, Guest or Member of MakeHaven, Inc. regardless of whether such loss or injury is as a result of negligence of MakeHaven, Inc. or its Members, Guests, Agents, Board Members and Assigns, or is a result of some other cause.

3. Covenant Not to Sue.
Guardian and Minor agrees that Guardian or Minor will not, under any circumstances, initiate any legal action against MakeHaven, Inc., its Members, Guests, Agents, Board Members and Assigns, nor will Minor assist in the prosecution of any such legal action filed by another, arising out of an injury to the person or property of Minor while participating in the activities related to MakeHaven, Inc.. This covenant extends to include the Heirs, Executors, Administrators or Assigns of Minor and Guardian.

4. Third Party Indemnification.
Guardian and Minor indemnifies, saves and holds harmless MakeHaven, Inc., its Members, Participants, Agents, Board Members and Assigns from any and all losses, claims, actions or proceedings of every kind and character which may be initiated by any other persons or organizations and which arise directly or indirectly from the actions of Participating while engaged in the activities related to MakeHaven, Inc..

Governing Law and Interpretation.
This Agreement and General Release shall be governed and conformed in accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut. Should any provision of this Agreement and General Release be declared illegal or unenforceable and cannot be modified to be enforceable, excluding the general release language, such provisions shall immediately become null and void, leaving the remainder of this Agreement and General Release in full force and effect.