Adobe Creative Suit

Adobe's Creative Suit includes Photoshop (image editing,) Illustrator (vector editing,) Premier Pro (video editing,) After Effects (motion graphics and video effects,) Audition (audio editing,) Indesign (page layout and multipage document publishing,) and a bunch more. While free alternatives are available for many of these and are widely used at MakeHaven, there is something to be said for using "the industry standard" software which may be more feature rich and capable. Having just one machine with the Adobe Creative Suit available would extend capabilities for people across a number of different uses, as well as give people an alternative when the free software isn't giving us the results we need.

The $660 annual price is the full price for a single license, but it may be possible that MakeHaven, as an education based space, can inquire about getting the reduced "educator" license price.

Wish Type: 
New Equipment for Space