Bicycle Framebuilding Jig + Setup

Details on full setup:

At the core of any bike framebuilding setup is a frame jig (technically a fixture, not a jig). Industry-standard frame jigs run at $3000-5000, but we can make our own for $500-600.

We already have an oxy-acetylene setup, which is good for traditional lugged and fillet-brazed construction. While we don't have a TIG welder yet, the jig should be future-proofed with integrated argon purge lines. MIG doesn't work with the thin-walled tubes used in bike frames.

In addition to the frame jig, there are some other tools and fixtures we can DIY:
- Jig stand $100
- Chain stay mitering fixture $70
- Seat stay mitering fixture $70
- Disc brake fixture $30
- Primitive tube / fork blade bender $30
- O.L.D. gauge $5
- Braze-on clamp/fixture $10

And tools that should probably be purchased instead of DIY'd:
- BikeCAD Pro license (up to three machines) $380
- Paragon dummy axles $70
- Paragon tube blocks $75
- Hole saws $50
- Hole saw arbors (for Bridgeport) $35
- Slitting saw + arbor (for Bridgeport) $55
- Dynafile (used) $300 (optional, but handy, and good general-purpose metal finishing tool)

Then there are a few more expensive "bike shop" tools that Makehaven doesn't have, but people can just go to Devil's Gear or BSBC for them.

I would be happy to sign up as a bicycle framebuilding facilitator so that all of these tools can be put to good use.

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New Equipment for Space