Castable Wax Resin for the FormLab 3B

I think it would open a lot of possibilities if we added castable wax resin to our FormLabs 3B supplies. For example, as a jeweler I do a lot of initial design work with 3D modeling and lost-wax casting. Make Haven doesn't have metal casting equipment, but there are lots of outside casting facilities that will accept shipped models. This sort of resin would enable Make Haven members to model directly for that purpose. It would also be well-paired with more basic wax-carving tools to add an entire new medium to MakeHaven's capabilities. I imagine that the molding and casting facilitators might have some other ideas for ways to incorporate burnout capable wax resin into their work, but that's not my expertise.

*Cost updated to include print bed and tray.

Wish Type: 
New Equipment for Space