Incra micro adjustable Positioner and routing fence

This is a great tool for control freaks. Here's some highlights from their website.
The LS Positioner is made from anodized aluminum and is micro-adjustable for precise fence placement (within 0.002" over the full range), and a wheel micro-adjusts in 0.001" increments during set-up.

We offer two models, with 17" or 25" of travel, that include a positioner, fence, right-angle fixture and fence stop. Reference guide and 51-piece template set (for plain or inlaid finger and dovetail joints), and an 82-minute instructional DVD included. Positioner sold separately or with the Incra Wonder Fence, which expands the capabilities of the LS Positioner to include molding, panel raising, edge jointing and sliding dovetails. The Wonder Fence is also available separately.

Cost ranges from 315 to 479, depending on the length of the Positioner and whether the fence is included.

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New Equipment for Space