Jewelry Equipment

To make fine Jewelry. $2500 would cover most of it:
Soldering Supplies:
· Torch

· B Acetylene Tank – I get mine from Airgas

· Solderite Soldering Boards 12 x 12

· Rotating Annealing Pans – or metal dish on a lazy susan

· Pumice stones for annealing pan

· Magnesia Soldering Block

· Tweezers

· Crock/pickle pot

· Soldering pick(s)

· Copper tongs

· 3rd hand cross locking tweezers

· Sparker

· Solder: hard, medium, easy, extra easy (let’s talk about sheet vs. wire in a public studio)

· scissor to cut solder

· Pickling solution (Sparex is the brand, phDown is exactly the same thing for a fraction of the price. You can get it from a pool supply store or in the summer Job Lots

· Flux

· Tri-Pod

· Water bowl

Hand Tools

· Pliers: flat nose, round nose, chain nose

· Cutters: flush cutters, heavier duty wire cutter, scissor shear

· Jewelers saw:

· Saw blades: #2/0, #3/0, #4/0, #5/0

· Hammers : rawhide, ballpein, texturing, riveting, brass head hammer

· Files: 0 cut flat file, 2 cut and 4 cut ½ round files, set of 4 cut needle files

· File cleaning brush

· Mandrels: ring and bracelet

· Dapping: wooden, metal sets

Bench Tools:

· bench pins

· 4x4 steel polished block

· Flex Shaft and motor hanger or hand held rotary tool

· Drill bits and burrs

· Polishing station $$$

General Supplies

· Brushes: brass and steel bristles

· Sandpaper 280-2000 grit

· Clipboards to hold sandpaper flat

· Bees wax or Burr Life

· Silicone polishers: disks and bullets in a variety of grits for flex shaft

· Polishing compounds: Grey Star for cut and polish, Zip for final polish & Red Rouge

· Mini Mandrels for polishing: muslin or chamois

· Polishing cloth

· 3m disks: in a variety of grits

· Steel wool – fine

· Loupe and/or other magnifying glasses

Wish Type: 
New Equipment for Space