Real-Time or Close-To-Real-Time Minimum Viable External/Remote 3D Printer Status Check

It would be handy to know how many of the 3D printers available for use are currently in-use, or to check up on a print remotely.

I understand the very real concerns regarding exposing 3D printer control interfaces to the public, which is why I instead propose we mirror the most basic of information (whether the device is currently in use, how long is left on a print, etc) to an externally accessible web-page, potentially on the MakeHaven site itself.

This can be achieved in a number of different ways- the simplest of which is by using a python script to modify a static web-page, fetching server information from a number of configured devices using the OctoPrint API. This is also the safest, as it provides potentially malicious users no potential attack surface.


Addendum: I'm no expert in web development specifically, just a hobbyist (I'm more qualified in Linux and game development)- but if no one else wishes to implement this but it is considered a good idea, I could give it a shot.

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Space Infrastructure