Rooftop MakHaven Radio Shack


I have an idea for MakeHaven

Install two conduits along side of the building near the windows near the laser cutters going straight up to the roof level… one conduit for ac Power 220vac two phase. 50 Amp service. The second conduit, much larger and wider for all kinds of other cables….

On the roof above the conduits a Large Metal Storage Shipping Container, tricked out on the inside. Sloping wood roof shingled/Insulated, HVAC system on the roof. Doors, Windows, Sky light, Built in wood benches shelves for electronics and radio gear..lots of outlets, container grounded to steel building frame..

Connect the Make Haven, electronics/radio bench, and recording studio, to the MakeHaven Radio Stations (amateur and regular FM broadcast radio station), on the roof. Add antenna support masts to the Container and string antennas all over the roof top to the other masts.. Install Emergency Battery Power supplies and solar panels…

get funding somewhere.. check on permits, building codes… work arounds..

Thoughts on Steel Containers.. they come in different sizes, would need a crane to get them up to roof top. No way a storm can knock them off the roof.. The all metal construction could be a Faraday Cage to keep out unwanted outside radio signals.

There are office trailers, that might be used instead of a shipping container, They are not all metal construction.

Both are available with HVAC….

A large container can be divided into Amateur Radio section and a AM/FM broadcast radio station.

I found a way we can easily and legally go on the FM Broadcast Band.. and cover a 2 mile radius.. A few hundred dollars.. for the stereo FM transmitter….

Just some thoughts… thought you might be interested..

cost is really unknown... but I will take a guess..


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Wild Idea