A separate cooler for TIG and Forge and Carts

We can easily make carts for the TIG and Forge, but each one needs different things and shouldn't really be right next to each other. Having a single cooler isn't really great for the hot work space, and a second cooler would mean we could just make custom carts for all of their related stuff and allow them to be positioned for working. This is especially important for the forge, it would be nice to have some bricks to help hold stock in the forge to slowly push it through without holding it, and this could be really nice with a custom cart that supports tuning the brick height, and also holds the cooler and cord and accessories. Similarly the TIG will have plenty of accessories and would be a lot nicer to use if it was able to be wheeled a little closer to work so you can change settings and reach accessories easier. Both of these carts could just be bought or we could make them out of stuff we already have, but the second cooler that simplifies the plumbing and wiring would make a big difference.

Wish Type: 
New Equipment for Space