Woodcarving handtool set

Wouldn't you love to be able to carve a spoon on a lazy Sunday morning on your porch? Or whittle a walking stick by the campfire? If MakeHaven had a set of simple hand carving tools in the lending library you could!

To start out with, we could just get a simple pair of a knife and a hook knife. That'd be enough for spoon carving and some simple whittling.

A slightly more expansive kit could include a folding handsaw, a small hatchet, a few different gouges, and small chisels. A small mallet might also be useful?

In any case, we should also include sharpening tools, which could just be a set of sandpaper and a dowel for any curved tools. And some honing compound. A carry bag would also be nice.

I'm a total novice, so others who know more about this please chime in with your suggestions!

I found this a useful guide for spoon carving tools: https://www.sylvaspoon.com/blog/2020/6/6/spoon-carving-tools

The $100 cost would cover the Mora 106 knife and the Mora 164 hook knife as well as a simple bag and honing compound. Sandpaper we have aplenty at MH :)

Wish Type: 
New Tool for Lending Library