Precious Plastics Oven

The primary safety concerns with this tool are the following:
-Burns from the oven. There are multiple heating elements in this oven, including the platten. Be careful about touching them, and be absolutely sure to lower the set temperature of the oven when finished.
-The pneumatic press exerts a massive amount of force. Make sure that you are clear of the press when it is activated, and that you do not put anything in it that will explode.

-Turn the switches to activate the desired heating elements.
-Use the PID Controller to set the desired temperature of the oven and platten. Wait for the unit to reach temperature.
-Turn the ball valve on the right to open the air line.
-Lower the upper platten if necessary for your piece.
-Insert your mold and workpiece, being careful of the hot surfaces.
-When the material has heated sufficiently, press both green buttons simultaneously to actuate the press.
-Press again to lower the press.
-When finished, turn down the temperature to 0, turn off heater switches, and close the air valve.

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