Day 3650, More Wood Carving

Really I've only been jumping on this project for about 20 minute spurts one or two nights a week. Today I did a good 3-4 hour burst and made some good headway. Neverheless, its oak and relatively uncomprimising. Spoke a little too soon about not annoying Gina with chopping noise from the basement but the upside is that she's retreated to the farthest upper corner of our house, stumbled upon and restarted a quilt project. We're both contemplating submitting these to the Durham Fair. Theres $6 to be made and a sweet-ass blue ribbon. My Bulgarian adze continues to hold its edge nicely and I await shipment of two more (a wide curve adze an a flat adze). Picked up a couple of really nice gouges at Woodcraft for interior finishing (someday). Told Susan Clinard that the next time she donates a log to me, it had better have less wood inside.